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Over the years, I have worked with thousands of people, be they clients in a therapeutic setting, students in a classroom, executives in a boardroom, or attendees at one of my seminars. It’s what I love to do and I do it with one mission in mind. That mission is to give people support, knowledge, and motivation that they can then pass on to someone else.

I have a deep curiosity about the human condition. The courage of people and our efforts to live gracefully in spite of our deeply flawed selves is remarkable. Neither my formal education nor my 20 years of experience in the field of human development, outweighs the importance of what my very own flaws teach me every day. All of it comes together to make me most suitable to do what I do.

My Book

Jerry shares poignant stories from his life in a collection of essays, such as the failed attempt to stay in a cabin with his son buried deep in the snow on Lake Huron. There is nothing quite so satisfying as an epiphany from reading something you have felt deeply but just couldn’t put into words. Then to have that truth beautifully and artfully articulated causes a moment to pause with appreciation, giving time to step out of the chaos and ponder the true meaning of life and all we experience. Erasing the Margins is bursting with these moments as author Jerry Nehr easily translates the Morse-code-beatings of the heart into a language of understanding that changes the way we view even the most mundane activities of life.

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I’m Jerry M. Nehr, Jr. I grew up on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling and Addiction Studies from the University of Detroit Mercy.

I have owned and operated a training and consulting firm for over 20 years, with a focus on assisting organizations with their employee development goals and strategies.

As both a business owner and a licensed professional counselor, I have an understanding of both the bottom-line benefits of culture change/alignment and employee morale, as well as the capacity to bridge relationships and communication challenges at the micro-level. 

Sample of clients and work accomplished

  • Chief of Police: Designed and delivered a Cultural Awareness / Implicit Bias / Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training program that allowed officers to identify areas of bias that assisted them in enhancing job performance.
  • Middle School Principals: Designed and delivered a Cultural Awareness Training program in a school district whose teachers and students were predominately Caucasian and of which was struggling to meet the social and academic needs of African American students.  The program integrated diversity into the curriculum and enhanced teacher sensitivity.
  • Middle School Administrators, Teachers, and Staff: Designed and facilitated Cultural Awareness / Unconscious Bias Professional Development Sessions to address barriers to equity among African American students and students in poverty-stricken environments.
  • CEO of Non-Profit Organization: Helped facilitate the installation of task force to address communication challenges between Board of Directors and Executive Team.  Utilized a team of trainers over an 18 month period to deliver a full culture change program within organization.
  • Sr. Director of Health Care Organization: Set up and facilitated numerous coaching sessions with individual and team in the realignment of strategic planning and goals.
  • Sr. Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development of County Government: Designed, facilitated and helped install Servant Leadership Coaching and Training program and succession planning for deputy directors, prosecutor’s office, sheriff’s office, health and human services and public works departments over a 3 year period.

WHEN I’M NOT DOING THE ABOVE . . . I am an actor with IMDB Movie Credits, Television Commercial experience, and numerous Stage Appearances. My essays and poems have been published in the Detroiter Magazine, Spotlight on Recovery out of Brooklyn, New York, and the Stray Branch. 

My first book, Erasing the Margins, is now available on


Here are the services I offer. Please take a look at them and then contact me so we can discuss what I can do to help you.

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Also, instructional design and content writing for training manuals and workbooks on topics of Leadership, Cultural Diversity, Customer Service, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and Substance Abuse.